18th – 20th July 2022, Modern Church Conference – Keynote Speaker and Chaplain

4th September 2022, Evensong – St Giles-in-the-Fields, London

8th September 2022, National Gallery (Panellist)

13th October 2022, Margaret Thrall Inaugural Lecture, Bangor Cathedral

16th October 2022, St Mary’s Primrose Hill

9th November 2022, House of St Barnabas

11th-15th January 2023, International Orthodox Theological Association, Volos Greece (Panellist)

19th February 2023, Evensong – Merton College, Oxford

16th May 2023, David Goodbourn Lecture, Luther King Centre Manchester

21st May 2023, Wesley’s Chapel, London

4th June 2023, University Sermon, The Queen’s College, Oxford

23rd July 2023, St Bart’s, New York City

10th September 2023, All Saints, Putney

21st October 2023, St Matthias, Colindale

4th February 2024, St Paul’s Cathedral, London

5th – 9th August 2024, XIX International Conference on Patristic Studies, Oxford

Fr Jarel is either preaching or presiding at Mass every Sunday Morning at St Botolph’s without Aldgate at 10.30am.